Coronva Virus Covid-19 Makes Teleconferencing Apps a Cash Cow

Coronva Virus Covid-19 Makes Teleconferencing Apps a Cash Cow

As of Last Friday the Zoom application was used by over 200 million users per day. The uses ranged from family meetings, meetings with friends, business meetings, and business in general. Today its 4-20 and I’m expecting the usage to go up since it’s a Monday. I think that it will sky rocket even further up in bandwidth usage for ISP’s on Tuesday through Friday. The Covid-19 Pandemic is causing this. Corona virus is hitting the United States the hardest in New York, and where I am in Long Island.

Zoom Didn’t Take off Over night

Zoom didn’t get its reputation and popularity overnight. Other meeting apps such as Skype, Microsoft meetings, Google Hangout meetings, Citrix Webex, and were and are being used for Corona Virus social distancing meetings for personal use and business. The virus fluxed downward in causes in the United States. However, it hasn’t taken the plunge downward in new infections, the currently infected with Corona virus, and Covid-19 fatalities.

A Gold Mine in Telecommuting Apps & Programming Them

Online teleconferencing is at a mega level. Universities such as Harvard are offering free online lectures and certificates due to the Corona or Vovid-19 outbreak and pandemic. We’re seeing a race for companies and programmers to meet the sky rocketing demands for new meeting apps. Corona virus may not go away as soon as we think. Despite promises made by politicians, the quickest vaccine ever made took four years to fully approve as a safe vaccine to distribute. This means that engineering conference apps isn’t such as crazy idea right now. It’s a no holds bar competition for market share and the big green.  

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