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Apple Airtag Helped Woman Catch Movers Lie | Useful Tracking Device Apple Airtag

Apple Airtag Helped Woman Catch Movers Lie: A growing number of Apple users appear to be coming up with increasingly innovative methods to make good use of their Apple AirTags. A military army wife from Colorado has now used one of the little trackable helpers to expose and confront a liar of a truck driver who visited his girlfriend instead of delivering her household items that were in moving boxes to the dropoff point.

Apple's AirTags are well-known for being very useful small accessories that can be used to easily track the location of lost or misplaced everyday items such as keys or wallets. However, after car thieves began using these small devices to steal luxury vehicles in Canada a few months ago, a woman from the United States has now turned the tables and discovered a clever way to use her Apple AirTag to catch a dishonest truck driver in a blatant lie.

Apple Airtag Helped Woman Catch Movers Lie | Why the Move?

Valerie McNulty and her family were forced to leave their Colorado home after her husband was transferred to another military base, according to ZDNet. As a result, their employer hired a moving company to move the family's belongings. possessions to their new home in New York. She positioned an Apple AirTag in one of the packing boxes to monitor her possessions, which came in convenient when the expected delivery date passed. 

Apple Airtag Helped Woman Catch Movers Lie | Airtag Catches Lying Mover

When she called the truck driver in charge of transporting her boxes, he allegedly told her that he had just bought them back in Denver even though it would be a few nights before he could produce the items. McNulty realized her belongings were in New Jersey, only just few hours away from her new place, thanks to the Apple AirTag she must have placed in one of the boxes. 

Apple Airtag Helped Woman Catch Movers Lie | Goods Arrived after Using Apple Airtag

When she faced the driver about it, he admitted that he had gone to New Jersey to be with his significant everyone else and had later negotiated a new delivery date. McNulty has since confirmed on Facebook that her household goods have arrived.

Apple Airtag Helped Woman Catch Movers Lie | Apple Airtag Compatability| How to Connect Apple Airtag

The Apple Airtag is compatable with Apple iPhone 11 and later models (Iphone 13 is the latest model). IOS 14 or later (14.5 Cocoa nickname and update) is comptable with Apple AirTags. To sync the Apple Airtag simply have the FindMy Apple app connected to icloud and working. Place the Airtag next to the iphone. Find the FindMy app under the gear settings icon. click or slect sync and locate the Apple Airtag. Author Biography Joseph P Fanning:
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