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Common App - Apps that I label as common app are those that anyone who owns a Computer or smartphone will know about. Here I Blog about an array of programs that can be called common app. These include but are not limmited to Apple IOS Calendar common app, IOS camera common app, IOS photos app that techies know in common. The IOS clock app, and IOS mail app. And how could I forget the IOS Notes application that is a common app in the iPhone fanatic's app arsenal. Don't forget Android with their common app neccessities. Android comes with pre-installed popular apps such Google Play. This app allows you access to over millions of Android apps and common app video games.
Mac OS Operating systems have a lot of digital technology that I would consider to be a common app. For example MAC OS in itself is an operating system that is a common app to Mac owners. That is because it comes free and pre-installed on new Macs. Windows is a common app which is desktop operating system for PC's. Currently windows 11 has been released. For Mac OS, it is Big Sur version 13 plus.

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Greg is a talented drummer and former member of "With Daggers Drawn". He does drum tracking at a very high professional level. He has over 20 years of experience in drumming.
Enzo is a WWE wrestler. Check out his pro Wrestling Tees. He also has a video game coming out called The Wrestling Code. Zaki is a super talented sound engineer at Cinderellamanstudios in North Bergen New Jersey. Coral is a bartender, dancer, actress, and singer/songwriter. She has performed for the famous "Second City".
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