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Here I provide the nitty gritty of SEO, Apps, & web design! In a modern busy world, most people don't have time to email me, fill a form, or call. Here are FAQ's to answer your questions until youve time to contact us.

    We Answer Your Techie Questions!
  1. Q: My PandaSEO Chrome extension won't work?
  2. A: Try clearing your history, cache, & cookies under settings. Re-click on the P Icon. If you continue to experience further problems with the Panda SEO Chrome Extension App, please view our contact page and send us an email or call. Thank you.

  3. Q: Search Engine Optimization, What is it?
  4. A: The practive & art of optimizing websites & web pages to rank higher in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, & Duckduckgo

  5. Q: How much are your digital online services?
  6. Our services vary in price depending on your needs. See our pricing table for good ideas for pricing

  7. Q: How do you do SEO?
  8. SEO is done by SEO experts who do an SEO audit or evaluation of your website. SEO's also analyze the website competitors, market conditions, and more to rank your site. They may update content such as text, video, and images. They may also build internal link architecture or link navigation, external links, and back links from high authority websites and pages

  9. Q: Whey do I need to pay for professional SEO?
  10. Professional SEO will make your website worth more. It's a no brainer and win win for you!

  11. Q: How often should I update my website? Blog? Forum?
  12. Every day by a professional. Google ranks websites & site pages that look like they are created & edited by a professional digital marketer, app developer, web designer, web admin, and or webmaster!

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