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GMass is a Chrome Extension that allows you to click on a button in your gmail. It tracks and manages massive email compaigns or email blasts. These are similar to digital marketing newsletters, but less regulated and just ever so still useful for making money online. It works with Gmail for PC and Mac. You need to be connected online or have the Gmail client on your laptop.

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  GMass | Works with and not with? Gmass works with your Gmail. It Doesnt work with other email clients such as yahoo mail or ymail. (Be careful Ymail deletes your account now and then). It does not work with mail.com, msn mail, outlook, or other email clients/programs such as Juno mail or MSN mail. Why Use GMass? | GMass Mission
  GMass is an epic tool. It totally rocks for getting your email tracking Mail Merges done through your Gmail. Its to use and intelligently programmed. Simply click on the red GMass button and you enter the Gmass (mail merge like outlook) world of e-blast trackin. You can even make your own newsletter through it. Just be sure to sign who you are and your address to comply with ICAnn and the World wide web condortium or W3C.


Author Biography Joseph P Fanning:
Joe is a software developer. He studied at Harvard in Application Engineering. He is most likely one of the best App Developers Near Me He also does Gmail analytics, and Google Keyword tracking.
He works with his friends Greg, Enzo, Zaki, and Coral just to name a few. He is co-founder and owner of Allbot. Allbot.org is a business process automation bot. Its made by a non-for profit. He is also co-founder of Medical Imaging.
Greg is a talented drummer and former member of "With Daggers Drawn". He does drum tracking at a very high professional level. He has over 20 years of experience in drumming.
Enzo is a WWE wrestler. Check out his pro Wrestling Tees. He also has a video game coming out called The Wrestling Code. Zaki is a super talented sound engineer at Cinderellamanstudios in North Bergen New Jersey. Coral is a bartender, dancer, actress, and singer/songwriter. She has performed for the famous "Second City".
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