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How Much Does Google Adsense Pay -Google Adsene pays depending on the difference between the bid in the Google Adsense system.


After you sign up for Google Adsense. You creaet your ads. Set the ad load or the amount of ads that you want to show on each page. The percentage . Then you run your Google ads after verifying the code on your website. Then you run ads. You'll notice that after checking your Google Adsense account, that you get paid each time a user clicks on your account. You'll check this at www.adsense.google.com .

How Much Does Google Adsense Pay | Factors that affect the payout

On average, AdSense pays $0.20 to $15 each click. Publishers receive 68% of the money from Google for AdSense content, and the total profits for 1 click depend on the competition between advertisers and the cost-per-click (CPC) in the website's category.

How Much Does Adsense Pay |Factors Affecting Google AdSense Income

Amount of Website Traffic The more website traffic you can get, the higher your AdSense earnings will be. Therefore, you should aim to attract more visitors through organic search engine optimization (SEO) strategies and try to keep those users on your website by navigating to more web pages per session. The goal for every website should be to increase the total number of pages viewed per visitor with each session. For example, a website or blog that has an average number of 3 pages visited per session for each user will typically make more money with AdSense than a website that only serves 1 page per visitor. User Location The source of your website traffic directly affects how much you can make per thousand visitors with AdSense. Locations in the United States and Asia pay the highest amount per pageview and click for each visit while countries in the Middle East and South America pay the lowest CPM and CPC.

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