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Notre Dame Football | ND Football

Notre Dame Football - Notre Dame football: The fighting Irish Notre Dame team, plays in Notre Dame, Indiana, which is located north of South Bend, Indiana in the U.S.A.   The 77,622-seat Notre Dame Stadium on campus is where the team plays its home football  games. In the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), Notre Dame is one of seven schools that competes as an Independent; however, other sports besides ice hockey, they play five games a year against opponents from the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), of which Notre Dame is a member. In reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, Notre Dame football played in the 2020 FBS season as an ACC member. 

Notre Dame Football | ND Football |Univeristy of Notre Dame Football First Win | ND Football History

well; their first victory came in. The Irish were defeated by Michigan 8-0 in their first game on November 22, 1887. Their first victory occurred when the Irish defeated Harvard Prep School of Chicago by a score of 20-0 in the season's final (and sole) game of 1888. Between 1887 and 1899, Notre Dame faced a wide range of opponents, including regional high school teams, and recorded a record of 31 victories, 15 defeats, and four ties.

Notre Dame Football | ND Football's First Head Coach James L. Morrison became Notre Dame's first head football coach in 1894. In the direction of respectability, Notre Dame made a big step. James L. Morrison became Notre Dame's first head football coach in 1894. With the hiring of Morrison, Notre Dame made a huge advancement toward respectability, notoriety, and stability.  "I arrived here, Notre Dame this morning and discovered about as green a group of football players that ever donned a uniform," he wrote to a friend following his first day of work.

Notre Dame Football | First Touchdown | Notre Dame Football History In 1908 Notre Dam  caught the first touchdown pass in Notre Dame history in 1908 during a victory over Franklin.  Near the turn of the century, Notre Dame kept winning, and in 1909, by a score of 11-3, they defeated Michigan for the first time. Michigan then declined to play Notre Dame again for 33 years. They had accumulated a record of 108 wins, 31 losses, and 13 draws by the end of the 1912 campaign. 

Notre Dame Football | More Notre Dame Football History Jesse Harper became the coach the ND Football team in 1913. It was during his reign that the Irish started playing solely intercollegiate games.   The Irish started exclusively playing intercollegiate games during his reign, compiling a record of 34 victories, five losses, and one tie.   During this time, a rivalry with Army and a rivalry with Michigan State would also begin and continue, respectively. 

Notre Dame at the time was a regional and small town Midwestern Football Team. Harper got games in the first season with the national powerhouse Texas, Penn State, and Army in an effort to acquire respect for a small-time, regionally successful Midwestern football program.   The Black Knights of the Hudson were defeated 35-13 by the Notre Dame team in a game played at West Point on November 1, 1913.    The Notre Dame team attacked the Cadets with an offensive that featured both the expected potent running game and long, accurate forward passes from quarterback Gus Dorais to end Knute Rockne, who would go on to become a legendary coach. This game has received incorrect credit. 

Knute Rockne | Knute Rockne, All American | ND Head Coach With the most Wins |.881 Win Percentage Irish assistant Knute Rockne was promoted to head coach. The Irish's record under Rockne was 105 victories, 12 defeats, and 5 ties.   12.3% of all victories in Notre Dame football history are represented by the 105 victories. The Irish enjoyed five undefeated seasons, won the Rose Bowl in 1925, won three national championships during his 13-year tenure, and developed athletes like George Gipp and the "Four Horsemen" during that time. The NCAA Division I/FBS football record for winning percentage (.881) belongs to Knute Rockne.   Both of Rockne's offenses and defenses utilized the Notre Dame Box.  Knute took over during the war-torn 1918 season and amassed a record of 3-1-2;  His single loss came at the hands of the Michigan Agricultural Aggies.  On September 28, 1918, he defeated Case Tech 26–6 in Cleveland, Ohio, in his coaching debut. In the backfield were Curly Lambeau, George Gipp, and Leonard Bahan.   Rockne had the perfect forward pass handler in Gipp. Rockne managed the line for the 1919 squad, and Gus Dorais managed the backfield. The group won the national title while going unbeaten. Notre Dame | Win One for the Gipper | ND the Gipper Gipp most likely caught pneumonia and strep throat while instructing punters during his final game on November 20 versus Northwestern.  Since there were no antibiotics in use in the 1920s, there were few viable treatments for these illnesses, which might potentially be fatal to young, healthy people. When Rockne is said to have said, "Win one for the Gipper," he was allegedly doing it to Gipper when they were both lying in bed in the hospital.

The Four Horsemen ND | The Four Horsemen Notre Dame Football Lore and Legend "The Four Horsemen" backfield of Harry Stuhldreher, Don Miller, Jim Crowley, and Elmer Layden played for the national title squad.   The "Seven Mules" was the name of the line.   The Irish's triumph over Stanford in the Rose Bowl marked the end of an unbeaten, 10-0 college football season. 

Overall, Christie Flanagan captained the 1926 team, which defeated  Army.     Despite his success, Rockne also committed "one of the worst coaching mistakes in history," according to a writer for the Associated Press.  Rockne went to Chicago for the Army-Navy Game instead of coaching his team against Carnegie Tech to "write newspaper articles about it, as well as choose an All-America football team."   The Irish may have lost their chance to win the national championship as Carnegie Tech used the coach's absence as incentive to defeat them 19-0.

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