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SEO for Copywriters | Hire a Harvard educated Copywriter to do your SEO

SEO for Copywriters - Copywriting is an art and an academic disipline. you need to speak and reach out to people in the strong writing voice. Use bold words and send a clear and descriptive message.

SEO for Copywriters | SEO is different then other factors for Search Engine Ranking

SEO for copywriters is different than other aspects or facets of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO copywriters need to do their keyword research. I use Ubersuggest. They offer a lifetime plan for up to three websits for a few hundred dollas only, which is a great value. I'm always using them for keyword research. SEO for copywriters involves creatively or cleverly (like a fox or vixxen), sprnkling the high volume and low competition keyword that you find in your research tool through out the page.

SEO for Copywriters | Put the keyword phrase into the URL Slug

Other facets of SEO for copywriters is to make your URL slug (the keyword in the url), the focus keyword that you want to rank for. So as a digital web copywriter for SEO, you are going to put the keyword that has volume in the thousands in the file name of your web page. So if you use notepad, like me and a template to custom edit from W3schools, you can save the file as SEO-for-copywriters as an example. You use the dashes in between the words because Google's algorithm counts them as spaces, and thats cool with me (okie dokie). Since that is the keyword that I'm trying to rank for, this will work out well.

SEO for Copywriters | Highly Avoid Keyword Cannibalization

Avoid keyword cannibalization. To do this, only focus on one keyword phrase. This is because if you try to rank for way too many similar keywords (that have high volume in Ubersuggest), then Google may get "upsetti spagetti". Google will keep ranking the page that you are digital copywriting for each keyword. This will cause the page to sporadically rank on the first page one day, and then not another day. This is because you are "your own worst enemy" in this situation. Your own page is competing against itself.

SEO for Copywriters | Hire a Harvard educated Copywriter to do your SEO



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