Free Methods of Website Traffic!

Free Methods of Website Traffic!

GPL  for SEO mod apps
SEO Traffic is Free Just Like GPL Free Software!

Ten Red Hot Methods to Promote Your Website Free of Charge!

  1. Perfect website SEO. Preform an SEO Audit for your site & your competitor sites (full too). Use screaming frog to find any missing titles and meta tags & elements, submit xml sitemap to Google, make html sitemap, link to internal pages, external, post for back links, comment on your favorite related blogs.
  2. Take advantage of email marketing. Use MailChimp, it’s free, upgrade later on to constant contact, Wordstream, and finally automated marketing platforms integrated with high value crms such as , a checkbox for users performing actions on your site like buying goods or services.
  3. The Blogosphere! Join it! Make it your home sweet home. Moderate it for spam, post as much as you can. Connect with other bloggers. Use the blogroll plugin, SEO Yoast Plugin.
  4. Guest Blog post. This will get you good above the page fold backlinks and build good media relations for your website.
  5. Make profiles on social media with your website back link! Post on social media with your goods and or services. Follow, Like people your interested in or companies related to your sites goods, services, or products.
  6. The internet used to be all Online directores and links to sites. Submit to the free ones at least such as,,,, Google business sites, bing local, yahoo local sites.
  7. Online forums are great for back links and traffic to your website! Be sure to follow their webmaster guidelines so that you don’t spam an online forum. That always looks really bad!
  8. With Outreach e-marketing you create a template email and customize it after you post a blog post or article online. Link to similar posts and email the blogger or author that you linked to them. Ask for a back link!

The Best Places for paying for website traffic

  1. Google Ads. Used to be Google Adwords. Google owns over 90 percent of the US search market share and over 70 percent of the world’s search engine traffic. Their ad system is intuitive to use too. You need to get manually approved for your ads to appear.
  2. Bing Ads – Another popular ad service
  3. Facebook ads – Facebook gets billions of views a month. These ads are targeted very well. Coupons are available to on sites like Amazon and eBay
  4. Instagram ads – These are linked from Facebook ads manager
  5. LinkedIn ads – Great professional ads site. Create a business page today!
  6. Twitter ads- good place for ads but they have the tightest policy standards that I know of.

SEO Tips

Don’t forget to do really good keyword research, and target each web page or blog post with juicy keywords that will bring in site visitors!

SEO is an art

SEO art is in the eye of the beholder! Make your pages artistic and appealing. This will signal to Google user agents and Googles Mountain View California’s manual Google web site review teams that your web page, website or domain, blogosphere posts, social media outlets, likes, shares, and, and other content such as apps that you’ve created will signal to Google that you are indeed not an SEO article spinning robot solely driving back door or cloaked website traffic to your site!

SEO Focus : SEO Calm Professionalism

Keep calm for amazing purple cow SEO! Focus breathe and don’t give up! Focusing intensely on your SEO is the key in the SEO lock to beating your competitors for the top one spot rank on Google! If your focus strays too much from SEO, then you should delegate and hand of SEO projects to an SEO professional who does focus on SEO for your benefit & success.

Add Video or Images to your posts and Pages!

I don’t know of any black hat SEO folks who buy programs to spam or junk Google that also include relevant, on topic, and or high quality video content or 20 megapixel plus photos that tell a thousand words! It’s all about the user’s experience. This is what Mueller and Matt cuts over at Google are talking about! The latest major core Google algorithm update “ BERT” is all about Google AI, & machine learning that ís SEO intellegent and there to deliver to you the best user experience through Sophisticated mutually beneficial relationships! Google gets your time and energy, searches, and makes legitimate money from its whole hearted Google ads system and those souls and companies that advertise on the Google ads platform.

Author: Joseph Fanning. Studied at Harvard and is an SEO and App engineer.

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