Limitations of Internet Protocol : IT

Limitations of Internet Protocol : IT

After all we’re all people aren’t we? Why not have a new way to doing things? Instead of going to, use these keyboard shortcuts. Use Google’s DNS or domain name system address at172.216.6.46

IP V4 Handicap

Consists of 32 bits separated. 46 bits is one byte. IP V4 IP’s can be 8 digits. There’s only 4.3 billion ip v4 addresses. There are way more than 4.3 billion web site pages being served every day.

Internet Protocol IP V6

This protocol consists of 128 bits. It’s 4x the amount that IP V4 uses. is an example of an IP V4 address. IP V 6 is 2^128 Power of of Internet protocol addresses.

NAT or Network Address Translation

Companies can use one Internet protocol address and an a myriad of other private non public IP addresses. NAT often requires a config setup by an entry level IT specialist to get it connected from the company to the rest of the planet.

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