Search Engine Optimisation SEOs

Search Engine Optimisation SEOs

One topic that is extremely interesting and a bit taboo id say (black hat, or let me coin gray hat SEOs!) is trying to rank for a misspelled keyword or miss spelled keyword phrases. Actually, an even cooler original SEO term I want to coin right now is “Monkey Hat SEOs”. Hey, it’s past midnight here in Suffolk county Long Island New York in the good ol’ USA. Give me a break! Also the lethal virus nick named “Corona Virus”, and its ensuing pandemic has created a world wide death toll over a quarter million (260,000). Anyway back to search engine optimisation for SEOs and, customer prospects misspelling searches.

Yes! Do Search Engine Optimisation for Misspelled Keyword searches Done by SEOs and Prospective Site Customers

Yes! You should do search engine optimization for your search engine keyword positions or (SEO) for short to misspelled keywords! If you take a good hard look at the monthly volume in Google keyword/ad planner, you’ll notice that misspellings get searches in the millions range per month! Holy Purple cow. That’s a ton of searches. Pay per click managers or PPC managers are paying for them too, and there isn’t a ton of competition!

I’ve Never Been to a Job Where the Perfect Person was Promoted to Senior Management

That being said in the title of this section. No one is perfect. I find misspelled keywords or words in classic novels, newspapers, (think Jay Leno “The Tonight Show”, magazines, and yes online all the time. Many of the sites that have a misspelling here or there rank highly for misspelled keywords, don’t seem to have any Google ranking penalties. People often don’t re-read what they wrote, print it out, or even use spell checker all the time. I know its a crazy world we dwell in.

Search Engine Optimisation SEOs SERPS. Suggested keywords for SEOs and searchers for Search Engine Optimisation benefits

Google Search Engine Optimisation Results Pages for SEOs & Customers

Lets talk about the search engine optimisation results pages also known as the SERPS ladys and gents. As you can see in this screenshot, SEOs and potential customers will see Google AI & real time machine learning in action. Google’s Rank Brain and smart algorithm added a suggested keyword to my search for “Search Engine Optimization”. They did it by recording my past searches. This will lower the actual click through rate on this keyword phrase even if the volume is high. This is just something to watch out for when SEOs are ranking for a keyword or keyword phrase. Search engine optimization isn’t a perfect science. It may be an art and creative field. However, if a SEOs are getting a keyword or keyword phrase in the top three spots of the SERPs, then the SEOs at the companies & firms are doing a fine job still. As Robert Persig put it in other words in the book titled “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”, Quality is relative. Yes we have standards to keep up but what is seen as quality is often in the eye of the beholder for SEOs, Google, Bing, people working on search engine rankings or just about anyone at times.

How Many Pages Should SEOs Use Misspelled Keywords For Search Engine Optimisation? & SEOs Take on Keyword Cannibalism

This is an excellent question. Advanced in nature. This is because my hands on research or case studies for SEOs over the years have led me to conclude that yes, you can and should actually combine two high volume keywords or keyword phrases on one page.

Keyword Cannibalism is Bad

Keyword cannibalism is indeed not Google’s best practices. This is when you target two pages on your site with the same keyword target or keyword phase optimized for by SEOs. Google states that they want to make the best search results possible for users. If the top ten SERPs for “search engine optimisation” showed pages from the same website, then users wouldn’t compare other SEOs perspectives on the subject matter. It sounds kind of like an SEC violation or monopoly for those websites optimized by “Monkey Hat SEO’s“.

In Conclusion : La Fin (The End in French) Mathematics for SEO’s & Google Searchers

Combing keywords on one page is very efficient when you do the math for SEOs. If you see one million searches for “search engine optimisation” and one million searches for “SEOs” then why not combine them onto one page? Your back linking strategy will “feed two birds with one seed” (yes I creatively do say that all of the time, and yes! I am coining it for the record”). This way you don’t have to put misspelled keywords onto every page of your site and get un-indexed (check your Google console) or webmaster tools for this often). “Monkey Hat for SEOs“!

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