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Joe Fanning Harvard Extension School (HES) Calculator App

This app calculates your class grades for you with three or more inputs. No need to waste expensive notebook paper on your grade calculations. It's fast, accurate, and easy or simple to use. Spend more time studying rather than not knowing your grade average in your class and failing by a point or more. Don't forget to care about your grades, each point, and your GPA, plus projects so that you can become a professor one day! This app was engineered by Joseph Paul Fanning who is a software engineering major at Harvard University in Cambridge Mass, brattle street. He is 35 years old and has a B.S in Business Administration from Ramapo College of New Jersey. Harvard HES Grade Calculator!.

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Put your grade (marks) in the blue column, and put the corresponding Grade Weight of the grade (e.g 10 percent would be entered as 10) in the red column, and press the caluculate button.

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Enter grades right here.

grades in the left (blue) column, weights in the right (red) column
Power tip!- press the tab button on your computer keyboard to scroll through the list faster & more easily. tab through the list.

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