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Here I provide the nitty gritty of app questions and answers. In a modern busy world, Some to many busy working people don't have time to email me, fill a form, or call. Here are FAQ's to answer your questions until youve time to contact us.

    We Answer Your Techie App Questions!
  1. Q: My Panda SEO Chrome extension won't work?
  2. A: Try clearing your history, cache, and cookies under settings. Re-click on the P Icon. If you continue to experience further problems with the Panda SEO Chrome Extension App, please view our contact page and send us an email or call. Thank you.

  3. Q: Why Choose Joe Fanning Apps?
  4. A: We Deliver apps with better quality then anyone else. I cut out the middleman so your app is reasonably priced via each task, just $50 to $100 per task. I'm an expert planner, thinker, and innovator

  5. Q: How much does an app cost?
  6. Our app programming services vary in price depending on your site application wants and needs. See our pricing table for good ideas for pricing

  7. Q: How do you do we make apps?
  8. Application engineering is in the computer science subfield. Joe took Masters degree level classes at Harvard University in Application and Software Engineering. Without this College work, he wouldn't be able to make the apps that he delivers with such a high success rate and of such high quality.

  9. Q: When do I need to pay for professional App Developers?
  10. Apps take a lot of expensive University or college training to master. App developers take college classes in programming along with just simply having a passion for programming and coding in their spare time. There's no better feeling then getting your app idea and designs to finally work after much testing, thought, whitebording, math logic, 20 percent inspiration and 80 percent perspiration ~Einstien

  11. Q: How often should I update my website? Blog? Forum?
  12. Every day by a professional an app or website should be updated. Updating a web app is an SEO ranking factor of the few hundered ranking signals or factors. Google ranks websites and site pages that look like they are created and edited by a professional digital marketer, app developer, web designer, web admin, and or webmaster! Websites need to comply with Google Search Console and w3c world wide web consortium standards

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