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Upgrade to Our Advanced Titanium App plan. We'll calculate your apps based off of your needs and also the creative app needs that we'll suggesst to make your app better people's lives.

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    For $250 per week get locked into an all app exclusive plan. If you need apps made constanstly with your app ideas and app specs I'll build your apps on a fixed rate plan so you don't rack up bills only on features. Feature rate planning is best if you're sure you only need a few apps at most in the next few years of your business planning

    • Q: What are apps?
    • apps do methods or actions for you or others, end users. They make life better

      SEO is done by SEO experts who do an SEO audit or evaluation of your website. SEO's also analyze the website competitors, market conditions, and more to rank your site. They may update content such as text, video, and images. They may also build internal link architecture or link navigation, external links, and back links from high authority websites and pages

    • Q: Whey do I need to pay for App Development Costs?
    • You pay for app development costs because a professional app developer spends most of their time creating, drawing or wireframing, and building very complex apps, memorizing complicated code, and streaming the web or desktop application pipeline through the use of high quality programming libraries, app frameworks, and advanced responsive app templates that get cutomized to the clients liking and needs

    • Q: How often should I update my website, Blog, or Forum for the App?
    • Every day by a professional web developer or webmaster is best. Google ranks websites and site pages that look like they are created and edited by a professional digital marketer, app developer, web designer, web admin, and or webmaster is very important. With over trillions of pages on the world wide web these days, its very important for a pro web developer or app engineer to build your website so that you'll rank in the 1-3 spot for Google after doing keyword reserch. These spots get the majority of the traffic at around 70 to 90 percent on the first page.

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