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I am a app engineer or app programmer. I'm Harvard certified in software engineering & app making. I have other university college degrees, certificates, and degree specializations. Please see my College/University page and most excellent app portfolio

"Quality is relative and yet it's not" quote by Joseph Fanning app engineer Harvard educated

  • I make & design the apps of your dreams
  • I code in Python, Java, C, C#,C++,PHP 7.14 & more
  • App services at your finger tips
  • App design, Web app building, mobile app creation, consistant app styling
  • Professional programming services
  • File migrations, app backups
  • Site updates, JS JQuery coding, CSS3 coder, HTML5 coding, & more,
  • I'm a Laravel 8 framework developer
  • I work recently with Vue.js v3.11.0
  • I'll build your custom developed web app tailored to your needs

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I'm your friendly neighborhood app developer

Phone - 201 334 8743
Email - Joe's App Email Suffolk County LI New York / Greater New York metro area and PA