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I am a app engineer or app programmer. I'm Harvard certified in software engineering & app making. I have other university college degrees, certificates, and degree specializations. Please see my College/University page and most excellent app portfolio

"Quality is relative and yet it's not" quote by Joseph Fanning app engineer Harvard educated

  • I make & design the apps of your dreams
  • I code in Python, Java, C, C#,PHP 7.14 CSS3, HTML5 & more
  • App developement and services at your finger tips
  • App design, Web app building, mobile app creation, consistant app styling
  • Professional programming services
  • File migrations, app backups
  • Site updates, JS JQuery coding, CSS3 coder, HTML5 coding, & more
  • I'm a Laravel 8 framework developer
  • I work recently with Vue.js v3.11.0
  • I'll build your custom developed web app tailored to your needs

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I'm your friendly neighborhood app developer

Competatively Priced App Developement, App Design based off of App Specs

Click on the email below, copy and past my email, or call me with your app ideas. If you need an app made and don't have many ideas I can help you create application or app specs. I charge only $50 per feature and each step involved, so you can get a decent basic app for a few hundred dollar only! this app will be a version 1.0 or an app for the casual app lover. $300 to $1,100 dollars for the project cost for a casual app is an example. You can order a casual or basic app on my Fiverr account. a serious app will cost in the

Examples of a casual app are

  • A phone book app
  • launches to your website
  • takes a few days to build
  • has 6 features including the app spec planning
  • has 2 Dimensional art made in Adoble Photoshop
  • Had only one version 1.0
  • No in app or in game app purhases
  • No money spent on promoting the app or app marketing

Get a Serious App

A serious App or a More Sincere App will cost you from $1200 dollars to $299,000 dollars or more. There is not no limit to the amount of features, content, and edits, that you want. that you want. This is a no joke app that isenterprise level. It's the main app with updates in your life it's your main or primary website, Personal Site, Passon and money gerator. It monetizes your life with money, stuff, possessions, or joy or both. The app is on-going, it uses up a lot of time, but none the matter. This is your life app. That will run on servers that have no down time and are dedicated with Kubernetes klusters, load balancers, app snapshots, and backups and the most advnaced technology that captures the imagination of users to make the app a common and often viral brand name.

Examples of a Serious Level Enterprise App Are:

  • An SEO audit App or MMORPG 3D RPG Game
  • App Launches to your website and more specs/features
  • The App is an ongoing project
  • Have thousand of features, content updates, and code edits
  • Has Serious 3D Dimensional art made in Adoble Illustrator, Unity Maya, ZBrush 3D Art
  • Had more than one version. Versions constantly updated for performce and User Experience
  • Yes contains ubiquitous in app or in game app purhases or monetizabble ads
  • A larage amount of money spend on resources for the product, planning, promotiong, placement, R and D, Materials, programs used, time used, professionalism, Google Rankings for the app
  • App gets promoted on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Imgur, snapchat, instagram and other social media such as blogs in the blogosphere, Press release sites and beyond social media web 2.0 or 2.0 platforms.
Phone - 201 334 8743
Email - Joe's App Email Suffolk County LI New York / Greater New York metro area and PA