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If you still can't login, don't panic. Like most modern websites there are other ways to login. That is the beauty of thinking about the world wide web often. Anyway, Apple will offer you a chance to intelligently use you computers login and username to login as an auxillary method of logging in if you forgot both your apple account username and password. Now how about them apples "Good Will Hunting Matt Damon"

Go to the app store. Type in xcode into the search engine. Once you see Xcode (notice the developer "hammer', double click it and hit download. Open the downloads folder (It goes there by default). Move Xcode into the applications folder. Easy to do. Click, hold on the xcode icon and drag it into the applications folder. You'll need to have two windows or instances open. Use the Green minimize (not close button to create two windows side by side (or horiztonally) next to each other at a tangent. As long as you can see all of the folders, files and other information your all good. Now preform the said action mentiond previously. Click, hold, drag, and drop. If you're having trouble, hook up an Apple magic mouse (or any compter mouse). This will give you better grip, accuracy, and control over your computer actions. Use a mouse pad too for traction. Open xcode you can then select create an IOS app. Name the app. Then click on the view content window. Already the app will say "hello world!". Keep reading my blog posts. I will go through a few dozen fun and amzing videos with my own commentary on how to create an IOS mobile paint app and a "Memorize card game" The lessons are courtesy of Paul Hegarty of Stanford University. The SwiftUI using Xcode for Mac were created last year for Stanford University Students.

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